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  • tritan:BPA FREE

Key Features

  • If you love tea, you probably like to drink it duringthe day at work. For people who use loose tea instead of commercial tea bags,this can be a problem. Agrace, the purveyor of all things tea, has come up witha solution. Rather than keeping teapots and teaballs in your office desk, usethe Perfect Tea Maker. Much like a French press extracts the essence of thegrounds from coffee, the Perfect Tea Maker brews the best tea while taking upvery little space.Tritan metrial BPA FREE
  • The tea flows through the tea leaves, then through the bottom filter, and finally in to your cup, capturing all the available flavors.
  • There is no pouring action, thus making it a lot safer to use for the elderly or those with unsteady or shaky hands.
  • Designed for tea leaves, also great for tea bags and instant coffee. Can be used for ground coffee (Coarse and Extra Coarse Grind only)
  • Maximum capacity: 550ml (approximately 4 standard cups).

Dis-assembly and Cleaning

The Thumb Up Brewer can easily be taken apart piece by piece, cleaned by rinsing under running water, or simply just put all the disassembled piece in to the dishwasher. 

And after cleaning, just put everything back together. 

What is Tritan? 

The Thumbs Up Brewer is made from the material Tritan. But what exactly is Tritan? 

  • Tritan is a new material developed by the US company Eastman, its full name is called Tritan™ Copolyester, it does Not contain A(BPA). Tritan have also obtained approval from the US FDA (Food Contact Notification (FCN) No. 729).
  • Tritan is 100% safe to use between the temperature range of 110°C to minus 40°C (inclusive).

The Design and Patent

The Thumbs Up Brewer was developed using TRIZ design principles. It is currently fully patented is Taiwan (Patent Number: M 493940). Patents are also pending in multiple different countries and regions.

Taiwan Patent Certificate (In traditional Chinese)
Taiwan Patent Certificate (In traditional Chinese)

Production and Fulfillment

The Thumbs Up Brewer will be 100% manufactured in Taiwan.

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