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    • Type:Coffee Maker,Tea Maker

    Key Features

    About the Designer/Innovator

    Jacob Chen is an independant product designer based in Taipei, Taiwan. Since Jacob was a little boy, he had a deep fascination with how things worked, and have taken apart and studied every toy and anything interesting that he could get his hands on to. With the encouragment from his Dad who was an art teacher, Jacob took a path which combined artistic creativity and technological innovation, and became a unique product designer/inventor (or in my opinion, an Innovation Artist).

    Product Features
    • The tea flows through the tea leaves, then through the bottom filter, and finally in to your cup, capturing all the available flavors.
    • There is no pouring action, thus making it a lot safer to use for the elderly or those with unsteady or shaky hands.
    • Designed for tea leaves, also great for tea bags and instant coffee. Can be used for ground coffee (Coarse and Extra Coarse Grind only)
    • Maximum capacity: 550ml (approximately 4 standard cups).

    The KS Campaign 
    My name is Meiyi Chen and I'm based in Scotland. I'm currently working together with Jacob raising funds to begin production of the Thumbs Up Brewer. My husband Sam Zhao whom had some success on Kickstarter in a couple of his previous Geeky Box projects challenged me to created a KS campaign myself. And with his help, here goes nothing...
    The core concept of the Thumbs Up Brewer was inspired when Jacob was visiting Stock Bridge during a trip to Edinburgh. He fell in love with second hand charity shops dotted through out the street and went back there over and over again through out his visit. Although I can never get my head around on how second hand shops can lead to inspiration, but then again, I'm not an inventor or an artist...


    What is Tritan? 
    The Thumbs Up Brewer is made from the material Tritan. But what exactly is Tritan? 
    • Tritan is a new material developed by the US company Eastman, its full name is called Tritan™ Copolyester, it does Not contain A(BPA). Tritan have also obtained approval from the US FDA (Food Contact Notification (FCN) No. 729).
    • Tritan is 100% safe to use between the temperature range of 110°C to minus 40°C (inclusive).
    The Design and Patent
    The Thumbs Up Brewer was developed using TRIZ design principles. It is currently fully patented is Taiwan (Patent Number: M 493940). Patents are also pending in multiple different countries and regions.
    Production and Fulfillment
    The Thumbs Up Brewer will be 100% manufactured in Taiwan. All products will first beshipped out of Taiwan to 2 different Fulfillment Centers for distribution to backers.
    Europe Distribution Center: Responsible for shipping out all rewards to backers living in the UK and Europe. (Royal Mail 2nd Class parcels and Standard International Parcels Services will be used)
    Asia & Americas Distribution Center: Responsible for shipping out all rewards to backers living in Asia and Americas. (Tracked International Courier Service)


    • Thumbs Up Brewer

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